Linocut Printing Presses

Made with the highest quality materials on the market, two levers for each size, centering lines and other benefits.

Linocut Press

Hand-crafted portable linocut presses are used for relief printing, most commonly for linocut printing. Operating the lino press is very simple; it is suitable for both experienced artists and those who pursue hobby printmaking at home.

Printmaking Glass Baren

Handmade by Czech glassmakers with a passion for their craft, the printmaking baren is crafted from high-quality glass, ensuring its long and reliable use. Experience maximum comfort and enjoy the ritual of printing!

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    Two levers

    Our lino presses feature a dual-lever design, enabling you to apply pressure with both hands, maximizing the output compared to single-lever presses.

  • Laser burned centering lines for easy linocut printing

    Centering lines

    Laser burned lines guide precise alignment of your matrix and paper, featuring a center cross and paper size indicators for effortless centering.

  • Wooden plates of the linocut press, which indicate a larger format by 1 cm than the paper format - A5, A4, A3.

    Larger plates

    Our lino press wooden plates extend 1 cm beyond the standard format, allowing seamless full-edge printing for your arts.