Introducing the Glass Baren: Printmaking with Ritualis Press

In the realm of printmaking, the pursuit of innovation is a constant journey. Artists and printmakers are always on the lookout for tools and techniques that can elevate their craft to new level. Today I will introduce an instrument made with great precision by Czech glassmakers in collaboration with Ritualis Press.

Glass Baren

Often it is also possible to find the product under the name Glass Muller, Paint Muller, Printmaking Baren, Hand Baren and others.

Ritualis Press Glass Baren Glass Muller Center View

But what exactly is a Glass Baren, and how does it differ from traditional printmaking tools like the classic brayer or wooden baren? At its core, the Glass Baren combines the functionality of a traditional printmaking baren with the smooth, flat surface of a glass. This unique fusion offers printmakers unparalleled precision and control over their prints.

Traditionally, printmakers have relied on wooden barens or brayers to apply pressure evenly across their prints. While effective, these tools can sometimes lead to inconsistencies in pressure, resulting in uneven or incomplete prints. The Glass Baren addresses this issue by providing a perfectly smooth surface that distributes pressure evenly, ensuring consistent results every time.

Ritualis Press Glass Barens Stacked on Wooden Table
Furthermore, the transparency of the glass allows printmakers to see exactly where pressure is being applied, allowing for greater precision and accuracy in the printing process. Whether working with easy prints or more advanced relief prints, the Glass Baren offers unparalleled control, making it a must-have tool for printmakers of all skill levels.

It is important to mention that the production is in charge of glassmakers from the same town where the guys from Ritualis Press are located. These people have been working in this craft all their lives.

Ritualis Press Glass Baren Muller Prototypes

The correct dimensions, structure and overall shape of the Glass Baren went through a long development, which can be seen in the attached picture of the original prototypes, which eventually did not make it into production due to unsatisfactory parameters during testing by experienced printmakers.

With its unparalleled precision, durability, and versatility, the Glass Baren from Ritualis Press is poised to become an essential tool in every printmaker's arsenal. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice enthusiast, the Glass Baren is sure to elevate your printmaking experience to new level.

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