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Printmaking Glass Baren

Printmaking Glass Baren

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Printmaking Glass Baren / Glass Muller is a beautiful design tool for relief printing linocuts and woodcuts, monotypes and more. For all artists, students, teachers, workshops and of course those who simply print for fun at home. Each piece is 100% handmade by Czech glassmakers. The tradition of Czech glassmaking is legendary in the world for its quality, precision and love of the craft.

This Glass Muller is shaped to fit perfectly in the hand and is easy and natural to work with. You just need to comfortably swipe the paper you have laid on the matrix. The glass material slides beautifully and so the work is really easy, fast and fun. The printmaking baren is easily portable due to its weight and size. Its design is magical so it can beautify your space as a decoration when you are not working.



The baren is beautifully secured by the top grip, designed to provide a natural and comfortable hold for your hands. The top can also be utilized for printing more detailed parts—simply turn the baren upside down. The flat bottom ensures stable placement on surfaces, and the rounded edges allow the baren to move smoothly over paper without jamming.



The width of the bottom part is approximately 10cm / 4 inches, making it truly versatile for printing both small and large areas.


With an approximate weight of 700 g / 1.5 lb, the glass baren is naturally heavier than wooden, bamboo or plastic barens. The basic weight makes printing easier and you don't have to expend as much force. 



Glass is a truly beautiful material, and we were excited to incorporate it into our portfolio. This material boasts several advantages - it glides smoothly on paper, provides a steady grip, is easy to clean, and its natural weight enhances the quality of prints. Expert glassmakers skillfully blend colored pigments into the baren, resulting in a vibrant "storm" of colors inside, often with an almost psychedelic character.


The price is determined by the efforts and craftsmanship of the glassmakers, which we highly value. Nevertheless, we believe this instrument will be affordable for most artists and enthusiasts while maintaining lasting quality for generations.



The printmaking glass baren fits perfectly into the wooden box (free of charge), making it suitable for transport or as a design complement to your baren. If your box is placed near the lino press, its color will match that of the lino press plates.


Weight: approx. 700 g / 1.5 lb

Dimensions: ⌀ 100 mm / 4 in  (+- 4mm)  / Height: 80 mm / 3,2 in

Materials: Glass, colour pigment

Because each piece is 100% handmade, the colored pigment "swirl" inside is always unique. Glassmakers know to spiral the pigment so that the effect is similar everywhere. 

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Printmaking glass barrens and their unique texture, which is unique thanks to the handmade production of each piece.


Printmaking Glass Baren

Beautiful design tool for printing linocuts and woodcuts, monotypes and more. Each glass baren is 100% handmade by Czech glassmakers.

Introducing the Glass Baren
  • Each piece is unique

    From start to finish, the glass baren is handmade by skilled glassmakers. The pigment inside is unique for each piece.

  • Quickly & Easily

    The glass glides beautifully over the paper surface, making printing really comfortable. Push the limits of your creativity to the next level.

Customer Reviews

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Little Creature
Etsy Review

Fantastic service and good quality 👏

Etsy Review

Happy for the beautiful baren!

Teresa Tonai
It is so beautiful!

What inspiration while you are creating your art.

amelia hemmings
Wow 🤩

I ordered the Glass Baren, it’s stunning!
I wanted to buy it as I love the colours and then I wanted a baren that I could take with me on my journeys.
It has printed beautifully.
Thank you.

Glass Muller 10/10

Found this Glass Muller on Pinterest. Perfect tool and decoration.