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Do you ship your products globally?

We ship our products all over Europe including UK, Switzerland. Also throughout the US and Canada. If you are not from these countries and are interested in our products, please contact us via email: info@ritualispress.com. We will answer you immediately and send you the price of postage.

What printing ink is best to use for printing?

We have great experience with oil-based inks. The consistency is thicker, the coverage and amount of pigment is higher than with water-based paints. Water-based colours tend to dry quickly, so it may happen that they dry directly on your matrix before printing.

What is the recommended amount of ink?

For each matrix, we recommend making test prints to find out what amount of ink is ideal for it. If you are using the oil-based ink mentioned above, we recommend turpentine oil for thinning. In general, lever press requires more ink than, for example, a cylinder press.

What can be used to clean the press from printing ink?

When using our recommended oil-based paint, mineral spirits or turpentine oil are ideal for cleaning. If you use water-based paints, water alone or soapy water are sufficient for cleaning.

Is the press suitable for intaglio?

Definitely yes! For smaller formats up to A4, the results when printing drypoint, etching and aquatint techniques have been consistently excellent. We of course recommend to always use damp paper for better flexibility.

What is the right order - lino, paper, felt?

From our experience, the following order is ideal - the matrix goes underneath, paper on the matrix and felt over the paper. When the paper is on top of the matrix, it is sufficiently pressed into the matrix by the upper plate which results in an ideal print.

Do I need to use felt when printing?

Felt is a great helper to achieve a good print. It serves to “spread" and soften the pressure on the paper so that it is even over the entire surface. Felt is not required when printing on textile.

Can I print small matrices on a larger press?

Definitely yes! We recommend placing small matrices in the center of the press. You can also print several smaller matrices at once, however, ensure that the matrices have the same thickness.

Is the press suitable for other activities?

Among other things, the press is ideal for textile printing, especially for A3 size. Letter and block printing is also popular. You can also press flowers in our press. There will certainly be many other uses that we ourselves have yet to discover. :)

What is the maximum thickness of the matrix I can print?

Our constructions are made so that the press can print woodcuts, engravings, letters and other materials up to 3 cm thick.

What to do if the press gets damaged, for example by falling?

In such a case, please contact us here or via email: info@ritualis.com. After consultation, we will send you the part needed to repair your press.