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A4 - Linocut Press

A4 - Linocut Press

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Popular medium size of portable lino press for relief printing. Perfect for home studios and smaller workplaces. This size is the bestseller from our range. For relief printing medium-sized linocuts, woodcuts, letterpress, textile printing (bag, t-shirt, flag etc.), block printing and others.



The centering lines are sensitively laser burned onto the bottom plate of the linocut press. We came up with the idea because we wanted to make the relief printing easier and now you can put your matrix and paper exactly on the center.

The lines include the center cross, then the paper sizes used. For relief printing press A4 - the lines come in A6, A5 and A4 sizes.



One lever wasn't enough for us. We wanted to make relief printing comfortable on every size of our linocut presses. The two levers are used to allow you to lean on them with both hands and create more pressure. The advantage is that even smaller figures can apply really big pressure with this way.


The medium size of our linocut press is the ideal companion for the studio, your home, cottage, plein air, and other places where you create. Thanks to its compact size, it is very easy to store when you are not working.

Our lino presses are suitable for both professionals and beginners, working with it is really easy.



For each of the portable lino printing presses, the wooden pressing plates are enlarged on the sides by 1 cm than the given format. Thanks to this, paper insertion is convenient and made possible to print to the full edge of the paper. The wooden pressing plates are 320x230 mm in size.



The total thickness of the pressing plates is 48 mm and thus guarantees stable pressure over the entire printing surface. 

The plates are painted in cedar color which beautifully matches the color of the linocut press.



The top plate has an adjustable tilt so that it rests evenly on your matrix and paper during relief printing. 

To adjust the tilt, just loosen the tighteners on the side, after adjusting the tilt, tighten them again. 


The steel frame is powder coated which is extremely durable and easy to wash.

The construction is made of 5mm thick steel flat bars which are really very strong. Each of our A4 linocut presses has been load tested at 100kg and not a single bend has occurred.  



The rubber strips on the bottom of the press are non-slippery as well as protecting your work surfaces from scratches. This linocut press can also be securely bolted to the work surface thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the base of the lino press. 



The felt is added to each linocut press purchase free of charge.

We select felt which is strong, with the ideal thickness for spreading the pressure over the entire surface.


Weight: 7 Kg / 15.4 Lbs

Dimensions: full press: 350 x 350 x 220 mm

Printing area: 320 x 230 mm

Materials: Steel, Plywood, Ouk wood

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    Two levers

    Our linocut presses feature a dual-lever design, enabling you to apply pressure with both hands, maximizing the output compared to single-lever presses.

  • Centering lines

    Laser burned lines guide precise alignment of your matrix and paper, featuring a center cross and paper size indicators for effortless centering.

  • Wooden plates of the linocut press, which indicate a larger format by 1 cm than the paper format - A5, A4, A3.

    Larger plates

    Our linocut printing press wooden plates extend 1 cm beyond the standard format, allowing seamless full-edge printing for your arts.

Detailed view of the Ritualis Press Linocut Printing Press


A4 - Linocut Press

Hand-made with the highest quality materials on the market, two levers for each size, centering lines and other features.

Product Presentation
  • Print anywhere

    Enjoy printing anywhere. The press is lightweight and great to store in your studio or travel with.

  • Made for everyone

    Linocut, textile, flowers, block printing and other traditional techniques. Simplify your routine and create beautiful arts.

  • Fast production

    Get your hands on our press faster than ever! Order now and your press will be shipped within just 5 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Perfection !!!

Commande facile, expédition rapide et super service client. La presse elle-même est magnifique et de très belle facture. Je recommande totalement Ritualis Press... les MEILLEURS !!

Etsy Review

All went great. Great press that i'm happy to use everyday.

Mélissa M

Je cherchais une petite presse, j'ai trouvé mon bonheur! Elle est juste parfaite, pratique et de très belle facture!

Etsy Review

Everything is perfect. A great product.

Fabienne Grousset

Works very well. The guide marks are very useful, and the press can take a lot of pressure on its two handles. Well-designed and beautiful too!