About us

Ritualis Press founders Marek and David holding box with linocut press

In the beginning, we were simply two active friends who had the desire to create something together. And since one of us lacked just such a printing tool that would be compact, simple and fast, we started figuring out how to make one!

The process has absorbed us from the start. We only had time in the evenings and nights, so for many months we were kept on our feet by litres of coffee and the joy of testing out new prototypes. Ultimately, all the evenings in the workshop had paid off and after testing the final model by our artist friends and their great feedback, the Ritualis press was born.

Printing is a ritual for many of us, you too can enjoy it with our press.

  • a row of lino presses on a table
  • a hand holding a drill while creating a lino press
  • a 3D machine printer with black plastic rings used for linocut presses