Linocut Printing Press

Enjoy the ritual of printing!

Our hand-crafted portable linocut presses are used for relief printing, most commonly for linocut printing. Operating the press is very simple, so it is suitable both for experienced printers as well as those who create for pleasure at home. Take a look at the detailed product description and find out all the advantages we are proud of!

Printmaking Glass Baren

Handmade by Czech glassmakers with a love for their craft. Baren is made of high quality glass and this guarantees its long reliable use. Enjoy maximum comfort when printing. Enjoy the ritual of printing!

  • The artist prints with linocut press using two fixed handles which make linocut printing very easy and comfortable.

    Two levers

    Starting from the smallest size, the presses have two levers. With them, you can comfortably exert great pressure.

  • Small Linocut press suitable for travelling, placed on the table when travelling.

    Compact traveller

    In the studio, on a kitchen table,

    or outdoors? Enjoy printing anywhere, thanks to the easily portable press.

  • Wooden plates of the linocut press, which indicate a larger format by 1 cm than the paper format - A5, A4, A3.

    Larger plates

    For easy paper insertion, the sides of the plates are always 1 cm larger than the paper format - A5, A4, A3.